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On Saturday, April 22, the Liberty Ranch High School Parliamentary Procedure team won first place in the California FFA Parliamentary Procedure State finals. This is the second time the LRHS team has seen victory at the state level in its short school history. “I felt incredibly happy and proud for the students,” said Bryan Dodson, LRHS’s Parliamentary Procedure team coach. “So many students [throughout] the state and nation compete in FFA competitions every year, and many go four years without ever winning a state championship.” This year’s final team included Liberty Ranch seniors Brittney Thompson, Tori Powell, Ian Jeffries, Brooke Gilstrap, junior Hannah Edwards and sophomore Lexi Lupton. Parliamentary Procedure, called Parli Pro for short, is a detailed set of rules that outlines how an organization, corporation, or society should conduct business in order to best consider the wellbeing of all parties. Students learn how to navigate these rules and can see firsthand how this process is important to making decisions in their local FFA chapter. Dodson also believes that a familiarity with Parliamentary Procedure teaches students life skills that can be applied beyond FFA. Students are taught to articulate their thoughts, voice their opinions, and support their points with fact, reason and emotional arguments. They learn to persuade others to see their perspective, while also learning to be open to other perspectives and cooperating with others to reach a conclusion. With all of these factors to be considered, judging a Parliamentary Procedure competition can be difficult and subjective. “The contest is very complex,” said Dodson, “but essentially students are scored on their ability to debate about the main motion and related topics, and their knowledge of parliamentary law.” Considered to be the most competitive contest the FFA offers, preparation begins early in the school year.

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